4TB External USB drive with USGS Topo Maps.




4TB USB 3.0 External Drive* with the 7.5 minute Topo maps with satellite overlays for the entire US.

That’s right – all of them. 139375 of them in PDF format. Satellite imagery is in a layer so you can show/hide as needed.

These are 1:24000 scale maps.

Here’s a sample


The satellite imagery is in a separate layer, use a PDF viewer that supports layers. Adobe Acrobat on Windows and Mac. Okular on Linux.

Most maps have 3 date version between 2010 and 2016.

To be clear – we are not selling the maps.  We are selling the new external USB drive and the time it takes to copy the maps on to them (20 hours).  If you want to download them for yourself you can here:


Or you can buy a USB drive that already has them all on it and save a boat load of time and bandwidth.

* Drive type may vary depending on availability.


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